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Mistie Badders


Behavior Specialist

Animal Behavioral College Mentor

"I have always had a love for animals, especially for dogs. There is something that draws me towards them, and in turn dogs are drawn to me. 

My first experience with training was when I was in elementary school. There was a neighbor that enjoyed competing in agility with her dogs; I would enjoy watching her train in her backyard on her equipment. So much that when we got home from school, my sister and I would sneak over to attempt to teach our dogs as well. Somehow, she found out and caught us off guard one day. She asked us if she could teach us how to properly use equipment and train our dogs - thus starting my love for training dogs.

I have been a Certified Dog Trainer for 13 years, specializing in Reactive & Aggressive Dogs. I have trained and rehabilitated thousands of dogs; working with hundreds of well known breeds & even rare breeds. 

My training style is Positive Reinforcement. I use treats heavily at first with the goal of no treats for expected behaviors. My goal is for your dog to WANT to listen to me because it is fun and rewarding. Training is play & play is training. I am very in tune with your dog & their energy I will never push them past their threshold to ensure that every training experience is a positive one for everyone involved.

I am a Certified Evaluator & Trainer for the American Kennel Club.


Affiliated with the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.


Mentor for students that are studying to be trainers through Animal Behavioral College. 



I believe in the human-animal bond and that every dog has a purpose. I love to work with people and dogs of all ages, but especially those who have dogs that struggle to live in a human world. I will create an unshakable team & bond between human and dog through fun & effective training.


Become a leading trainer for positive reinforcement with state of the art facilities & services. 

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