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We let our reviews speak for themselves. Our highest priority is and will always be customer satisfaction. We make it our mission to build relationships. We believe in treating people the way we want to be treated and always doing the right thing, period. Regarding Mistie's reputation- see what others have to say below.



Mistie is amazing. Last year we got a dog from an abusive home. He came to a house not knowing how to be loved nor did he know that men were capable of loving him. His first few days he would pace our hall and never really laid down to relax nor did he allow any of us to socialize with him. So I reached out to Mistie. She helped him learn to control his anxiety and start accepting that humans were capable of love. First he warmed up to females and my husband. Any other man was still an issue but after working with her I can say 99% of people he comes across can now love on him. You would never know a year ago he was a whole different dog. Now he’s just a spoiled little guy who likes to go on walks, and loves when his kids dress him up. From the bottom of my heart thank you Mistie for helping Batman learn to be loved.


Mistie works magic in short order. I am beyond blown away with the transformation of my 5 month old Malinios. In 2 short weeks, he is a different dog. She is amazing!



Cesar Millan has nothing on this dog whisperer, I did one session and was in complete awe. It was a very relaxed, kind & loving atmosphere. I was gone about one- and one-half hour, when I returned, my dog was doing things I could not get him to do. I was so excited! If you have any dog issues, this woman is incredible with dogs.


We are so blessed to have found Mistie! She's extremely professional, relies on positive reinforcement for correction, is patient with our dogs and genuinely wants the best for the dogs and the owners. We would recommend her to anyone that is need of training their dog in a positive way. We saw a difference in just a few training sessions!

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Mistie has an amazing ability with animals - dogs especially. It is her calling in life. She has such patience, love and kindness. You will not be disappointed by having her train your dog! Highly recommend her!!


We had our 1 year old golden doodle do the 2 week program and it was amazing! He came back more relaxed and confident and every issue we had got fixed, she gave us amazing tools to keep the good behavior going and checked in on us regularly! I would highly recommend! Great experience!



Before Mistie, Bruno, was very aggressive with people & dogs, would not walk on leash & was very territorial. We were told by 2 vets & 3 trainers to euthanize Bruno. He was gone for one week & when he came back, there was a huge personality change. She taught him how to walk on a leash and gave us tips on how to manage his behavior issues. He was no longer aggressive or territorial. She did an amazing job with Bruno. I would definitely recommend her for any of your dog training needs.

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