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Perfect for starting your new puppy or dog on the right track! This is basic obedience with zero to mild distractions. We will discus crate training and how to create a routine so you can be successful with housebreaking. You’ll also learn techniques for how to avoid any unwanted behavior in the future. Your Dog will learn: Obedience — Focus, Sit, Down, Stay, Leave It, Loose Leash Walking & Come When Called (on leash) Handling Skills — wiping paws off, brushing, cleaning ears, etc. Proper social skills — accept a friendly stranger & dog interaction



This class is great to tune up any puppy or dog with previous training and understanding of basic obedience. This is basic obedience with mild to moderate distractions. Your dog will learn: Obedience — Focus, Sit, Down, Stay, Leave it, Loose Leash Walking, Come When Called (on leash) & Place Introducing the 3 D’s of Training; Duration, Distance & Distraction Handling Skills — wiping paws off, brushing, cleaning ears, etc. Social Skills — accept a friendly stranger & dog interaction Introduction of Misc. Items; tarp, bikes, scooters, crutches, walker, etc.


Dog Portrait

This class is optimal if you’re looking for unfailing obedience no matter how distracting or demanding the situation. You will be able to take your dog anywhere and feel confident in his behavior. Your dog will learn: Obedience — Focus, Sit, Down/Stay, Leave it, Loose Leash Walking & Place Perfecting the 3 D’s of Training; Duration, Distance & Distraction Come when called — every time Walk on a loose leash around heavy distractions Handling Skills — wiping paws off, brushing, cleaning ears, etc. (stranger in place of owner) Social Skills — accept a friendly stranger, walk with & train with a stranger & dog interaction Sensory Skills — sights, sounds & textures


Image by Camylla Battani

*Class Prerequisite: Intermediate Group People think of tricks as fun & it should be. However, trick training can be more than just tricks; it is a team building experience and even in some of the most interesting cases can build or re-build a dogs confidence. We approach teaching tricks with a positive attitude, which flows over to your dog. Once a dog has learned a trick, performing it can be a genuine confidence builder. Tricks — Stand, Shake, Back Up, Spin, Beg, Don't Cry, Roll Over, Say Prayers, “Bang”, Take a Bow.


Young Family with Pet Dog

Private training is for clients that are looking for a more personalized plan of action. This also includes clients that need in home training. This training is with just you & your dog. I will work to address problem behaviors, obedience or even new tricks & skills; the sky is the limit with Private Training. This is a great option for owners with fluctuating schedules or dogs who need just a little extra attention. Take as many sessions as needed. If you feel like you will need more than five sessions, a better option for you might be our package of 6 Private Sessions.

Sold Individually           $120

Package of 6                 $650

Image by Jamie Street

All of our Boarding & Training Programs begin with either a $30 Phone, In-Person or Zoom consultation to review your dog training goals and explain our program with you, as well as determine needs of your dog. You may only book this service upon completion of consultation; following, you will be sent unique email with invoice attached. This program is for you if you are looking for a fast track to unfailing, exceptional obedience - Both on leash and off leash.

2 Week Program          $2,100

3 Week Program          $3,100

4 Week Program           $4,100

Dog in Nature


Tailored Canine is dedicated to providing your furry friend the top level of care throughout each day.  With plenty of play spaces, large bed areas and the freedom to romp and play on 14 acres. Your four-legged friend will be straining at the leash to come to Tailored Canine. Contact us to find out more about our Boarding services.

1 Dog:

$60 Per Calendar Day

2 Dogs:

$45 Per Dog - Per Calendar Day

3 Dogs:  

$35 Per Dog - Per Calendar Day

4 Dogs: 

$25 Per Dog - Per Calendar Day

Image by Michael G


Day Care is an amazing service that we offer. We only accept 10 dogs per attendant. Your dog might struggle with dog parks due to anxiety, reactivity or obedience skill level. Our Day Care is designed to not only let dogs play to burn off energy but to teach & help dogs understand social skills in a controlled environment with trained canine specialists. 

H A L F - D A Y

$25 per dog

Monday - Friday 

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM  


1:00 PM - 5:00 PM


F U L L - D A Y

$35 per dog

Monday - Friday

9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Couple with Dogs

Come join us for our casual pack walks. Pack walks are non-structured walks where you can enjoy the company of others and your dog can learn that they can be around other dogs without interactions. We head off on our walks at 10am. They are every other week & location is determined one week in advanced (check Facebook for decided location). All pack walks will be held on wheel-chair accessible trails.

No Retractable Leashes & No Harnesses.

FREE & Open to Public


Tailored Canine’s Updated Policies & Procedures (effective 05/01/2022)


- All scheduling must be through Wix App. This will put you in direct contact with Jess - my secretary/ scheduling manager.

- All appointments must be booked 3 days in advance.


- cancelations must be at minimum 3 days in advance for them to be rescheduled.

- If there is not a 3-day notice of cancellation, the session will be counted as used.

- There will be no refunds for missed / canceled / no show appointments.


- There are no refunds, Exchange of services only. (For instance, if you purchase Package of 6 training sessions, you will not get a refund, but you may use that credit towards boarding, daycare, boarding & Training, etc.)


- Monday: 9am - 6pm

- Tuesday: 9am - 6pm

- Wednesday: 12pm - 7pm

- Thursday: 9am - 6pm

- Friday: 9am - 6pm

- Saturday: Boarding & Training ONLY



- Boarding is charged PER CALENDAR DAY - NOT PER NIGHT.

- Drop Off: Daily between 9am - 11am

- Pick Up: Daily between 4pm - 6pm

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