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Kids learn best with PEERS!


February 16th @ 5:00pm


In this workshot we will be going over some Fundamentals that each dog should know: Focus & Sit. This is a 1 time workshop that will last 1 hour. Max 5 teams per workshop; 1 dog, 1 kid. 


Focus Helps your dog understand that "I need your attention here" (I am more important or I am getting ready to ask you to do something.)


Sit is a very basic command but it is also a command used in building confidence in the dog & child. Sit is a foundational command for others' including Place, Stay, Stop, Put em' Up, & even Down.


The instructor of this class will be no other than Hallie-Mae Badders. Hallie-Mae has been working with dogs for several years now along the side her Mom, our Behavior Specialist. Hallie is great at teaching kids in a way that kids, like herself, understand. Let her (& Mistie) help your child to understand the way to communicate with your family dog with beaming confidence. 


**Parents are required to attend with their kids / grandkids.

(We are not baby sitters)

Kids Workshop - Focus & Sit

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