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Kids learn best with PEERS!


April 12th @ 5:00pm


In this workshot we will be going over some Fundamentals that each dog should know: Focus & Sit. This is a 1 time workshop that will last 1 hour. Max 5 teams per workshop; 1 dog, 1 kid.


Focus Helps your dog understand that "I need your attention here" (I am more important or I am getting ready to ask you to do something.)


Sit is a very basic command but it is also a command used in building confidence in the dog & child. Sit is a foundational command for others' including Place, Stay, Stop, Put em' Up, & even Down.

Down is something we teach after sit because we use the sit position to lure them “down”. It’s another foundational command that we build on and we love to utilize this in public spaces. I also encourage reading books with kids / dogs to help them bond.


The instructor of this class will be no other than Hallie-Mae Badders. Hallie-Mae has been working with dogs for several years now along the side her Mom, our Behavior Specialist. Hallie is great at teaching kids in a way that kids, like herself, understand. Let her (& Mistie) help your child to understand the way to communicate with your family dog with beaming confidence.


**Parents are required to attend with their kids / grandkids.

(We are not baby sitters)

Kids Workshop - Focus, Sit & Down

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